Thursday, January 17, 2008

'Related Posts' feature in Blogger

Are you on blogger and have always wished that blogger had the 'Related Posts' feature just like wordpress. Well if you did heres a widget at your service. I have just installed this widget and am already liking it. Scroll down this post to see the widget at work. This widget finds related posts only as per the labels of the posts and not as per the content. But still its impressive enough for bloogger. Originally this was created by Hoctro and then modified by Jack to simplify the installation.

Its very simple to install (I have tried the modified version) but still make sure you have a backup of your blog template in case anything goes wrong.

Original version
Modified Version


Anonymous said...

Oh,that's really what i want!
I am a new blogger,and build my blog recently:
I will be very glad to recieve suggestion from you!