Monday, March 31, 2008

19 Free Online Password Generators and password Strength checkers

Password Generators

Choosing your password can be a difficult task if you want to make it strong and also easy to remember. Thats where password generators can help us. With a single click we can generate single or multiple passwords and if you don't like the password just click again to generate another.  It saves a lot of brainstorming especially if you are used to think up a few new passwords everyday for new registration, unless you use a single password for all your accounts. (which is very risky IMO, imagine if you lose the password, you lose all your accounts!)    

Here's a list of online password generators and strength checkers which you can use to make a stronger password.

You can set the length of the password (min 4 but it recommends min 12 for a strong password) and other parameters to include like numbers, case of letters etc and also what characters you want to exclude. Select your options and hit generate your string password would be generated instantly 

To quote them
The PC Tools Password Generator allows you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. 
The interface is almost similar to the above one. select your options and click generate to get your strong password. It would even display the phonetics of the password. 

Specify which type of letter you want to use in your password. Including string letters, case to use, digits to use and symbols. Select the desired length of the password and click generate.  

Just select the length and whether symbols to be included or not and click on 'Generate Password'. Your password would be generated along with a hint to remember it. Like the one in the picture. '

No configuration to make. The webpage would provide you with ten randomly generated passwords when its loaded. The passwords includes alphabets and numbers though I didn't see any symbols in them. 

To quote them 
It was originally designed to help make up passwords that would be easy to remember but relatively difficult for nefarious types to guess. The best way to do this is a pattern of letters that sounds like a word but is not, in fact is total nonsense. The generator now supports two phonetic patterns. With either one, it will probably take a few tries to find a password you like
You can select options like what you want to include in your password (vowels, consonant, numbers and special) and also the pattern and then generate your password. 

It generates a password using a set of random data such as  your browser, window position, timer, mouse etc. You can also provide your own random string. 
You can select the password length and the bit strength and generate your password. It would also show how strong your password is once its been generated and also how effective protection it would give you. 

Apart from presenting you with 10 random password when the page is loaded,  you can also choose from options like the length of the password and characters to include and generate passwords.

Similar interface to most of the password generator sites. Choose your options and generate the password. You can also generate multiple passwords at once just by selecting how many passwords to be generated. There is also a short guideline on how to create strong passwords. 

Very similar interface with most of the online password generator but with a few different type of memory aids to chose from so you can remember your password easily. 
The page loads with long list of generated passwords. Refresh the page to get a new list. 

Select the length and how strong you want your password to be (Everyday Use,  Medium Strength, Strong Encryption) and generate your password. 

Set the password pattern  and length to generate your password. 

Password Strength Checkers 

Just enter your password in the text box and you can see the strength (weak, medium, strong, best) in the bar below

Enter your password and see how strong is it in a progress bar with starting value of 'Weak' to Ending value 'Strong' 

Enter your password and view how strong it is. It would also tell you details like charset size, 
entropy and give you tips on improving your password if its found to be a weak one. 

View the strength of the password in the color bar below as you type it. 

Simple password strength checker.

It shows the strength of your password in % and also gives detailed information like different chars used, cases used and many more. 

Note : Given the debate that is always on about the dependability of password generators and strength checkers and the risk factors involved (if at all) of using these, use this tools only at your own risk. However I really don't see much of a trouble to use these stuffs and in fact these should come in handy.