Thursday, March 06, 2008

Three Ways To Convert Your Powerpoint Presentation (.PPT) To Flash (.SWF) For Free

Converting a Powerpoint presentation to flash can have many advantages like smaller size, better web integration etc. There are many commercial options available to convert powerpoint (ppt) files to flash (swf). However you may not want to invest on such softwares if you need this functionality once in a blue moon. So, here I have described three ways to convert those powerpoint to flash absolutely free of charge.

authorPOINT Lite-Free PowerPoint to Flash converter :

authorPOINT Lite is a free PowerPoint to Flash converter that converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash. authorPOINT Lite works as a desktop application. Once installed, it can import and convert unlimited PowerPoint presentations to Flash files. 

This free online service converts from PowerPoint (.PPT extension) to Flash (.SWF extension) using OpenOffice via JodConverter.The interface is quite simple, just browse to your powerpoint file and click the start button to start conversion. After the conversion you'll be taken to a new page with the download link for the converted flash file on it. Click and download the flash file. The downside of this is that it allows .PPT files of upto only 5MB to be converted.

Converting your powerpoint presentation to flash with this online file converter (where you can convert among hundreds of other file formats) is very easy. Just upload your powerpoint (.ppt) file , select 'swf' as the output format ,enter your email address and hit the 'Convert' button. The download link to the converted file would be sent to your email from which you can download the output flash file


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