Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Online Guitar Chord Dictionaries

Okay so my guitar mania continues. After bringing out lists of Guitar tuner , Metronomes and mobile tools for guitarist today I am posting a list of online Guitar chord dictionaries. One of the difficult tasks for a beginner in guitar is to find and know the different chords formation. What adds to the confusion is that a chord can be played in many different formations. This is where the Chord dictionaries comes handy. I have listed only free and online dictionaries in the post (may be I would do a post in standalone dictionaries later) which doesn't need any kind of registration. (I hate feeling out those forms for each and every damn thing, don't you?). Anyway if I have left out some good free online chord dictionaries which you know of please comment and let me know.

Guitar basics chord dictionary
Huge database of guitar chords. The chords are presented in a simple easy to understand [0 0 0 0 0 0] like format but absolute beginners can find it a bit tough without the graphical notations portraying the guitar neck. But again, they have a short guide which explains the notations nicely.

Howard's Big List of Guitar Chords
This one hase over 42,000 guitar chords listed! To view the chord shapes, click on the root note of the chord you want to find and select the chord you want from the list of shapes for that chord. Guitar Chord Library
A chord dictionary with easy to understand graphical notations.

MoneyChords Guitar Chord Dictionary

A 50 page Guitar Chord Dictionary,

World Star Guitar Chord Dictionary
An interactive guitar chord dictionary. Select the Key and the tuning and then the chord and you can view the chord in a graphical notations (easy for beginners to understand)

VideoGuitarLessons Chord Dictionary

Not a huge chord list but very easy to understand for beginners with a nice interactive way to find and view chords.

Pompidula Basic Guitar Chord Dictionary

Decent database of guitar chords with a easy to use interface.

Amazing licks Guitar Chord Dictionary
A simple to use chord dictionary.

Guitar Chord Explorer by Michael Hogg

Impressive online tool to find guitar chords with a easy to use interface and many options to select from, needs Java.

GuitarTabsChordsChords Dictionary
Not a huge list of chords but simple interface, easy on beginners.

Guitar Consultant Guitar Chords

Over 1,500 Free Online Guitar Chords

Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart
Over 1200 guitar chord positions! PDF format also available.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Here's one great one

It even has audio samples for the chords.

geekynickhere said...

yeah its a good one. Thnx for letting me know.