Monday, March 24, 2008

How to add a Privacy Policy to a blogger blog (Adsense requirement)

The updated Google Adsense Terms and Conditions makes it mandatory for your site or blog to have a Privacy Policy. Though I am not using Adsense on my blog yet (and so I still don't have a privacy policy), I am posting this guide for the bloggers who display adsense on their blog but don't have a clue on how to add a privacy policy to a blogger blog.

First you need your privacy policy to be ready. You can do a google search to find from a variety of templates or you can use one specifically for adsense . Choose a template and make changes to it as per your specific requirements. Once you have your own privacy policy ready its now time to post it.

As blogger don't have a static page feature, we need a little trick. We are going to backdate the privacy policy post to a very old date. Create a new post with a title like 'Privacy Policy' , so that its easy to recognize its purpose. Copy paste the content of the privacy policy you have just prepared. Click on the 'Post Options' (on the bottom left side) to see the date time option. set the date to a very old date so that your privacy policy doesn't show up as just another new post in your blog and click publish.

There, your privacy policy is ready. Now one last thing to do is to post a link to your privacy policy from your blogs index page. One you've published your 'privacy policy' post, view it on a browser and copy the permalink for the post. Now add this link as a sidebar widget from the Layout--> Add a page element. You can either create a list with other useful links and put your privacy policy link there or you can just create a single link to your privacy policy with href tag.

Thats it! Your blogger blog privacy policy is ready. Any issues please feel free to ask!


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