Saturday, October 03, 2009

Free Online Personal Finance Management Tools

Online personal finance management tools are great to keep in touch with your finances the easy way and these services are growing fast. Here is a list of some free online personal finance management tools.
Mint is probably the best known online personal finance management tool. Mint saves you the trouble of bookkeeping by automatically pulling in your balances, purchases, stock trades, etc. It connects securely with more than 7,000 US financial institutions. Mint has impressive financial analysis tools and is definitely a must try if you are looking for an online financial management solution.
Thrive aggregates your bank, credit card account information into a single interface. It has partnered with 8000+ banks. It categorizes your spending automatically so you can analyze exactly "where your money is going".
Expensr is another free online personal finance manager which tracks your spending and compares them with similar people so you know where to improve. It lets you create budgets to stay on track and you can also use their forecasting tools to avoid any financial surprises.
Rudder is another online personal finance management tools that brings all your bank / card accounts (Connect to 3000+ banks & credit cards) in the same place, It helps you track your bills,  and it has a innovative feature called ‘What’s Left’ which helps predict your future cashflow.
Wesabe is part money management tool, part community. It pulls all your financial information together for you. It provides you with an easy way to manage your money. You can view all of your bank/ credit card details in the same place.
Yodlee – MoneyCenter
Yodlee money Center lets you manage your finances better by letting you view al your finances in one place, set and track a budget, track your spending etc..
Pennyminder lets you manager you finances by tracking deposits and withdrawals so you can known what's happening with your money. It lets you share your journals with anyone by email and imports your bank statement.
Geezeo provides you with a set of online financial tools to help you reach your goals and make your finances better everyday. It automatically categorizes all your expenses from all your accounts into one place. Its community is a great place to ask specific questions to financial experts, connect with like-minded people, and learn from others
NetworthIQ is a social personal finance manager designed to make monitoring your net worth easy and fun.
Quicken Online
It automatically organizes your accounts in one place to simplify internet banking, keep track of your bills, lets you check your balances from your cell phone and helps you set your budget goals and track its progress.